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Friday Reading

Let’s face it. The first week of work in September is always a slog. Summers over and you never did get to that cottage. Fall is in the air and you start thinking…maybe I should go back to school (probably you shouldn’t). Regardless, there’s no way any of you are going to be productive after 3pm today. So here are some links to keep you occupied…
These drawings by Aiden Koch.
Karly’s defense of Tinder and hookup culture.
This scathing inditement of positive affirmations.
This sweet reflection on the benefits of traveling solo.

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Springing Forward & Falling Back…

Waking up this morning I was shocked to realize that I actually slept in to a reasonable hour…Or at least I thought I slept in until I realized it was daylight savings time. Whatever, I was still pleased with myself for waking up past 8…even if it was just a technicality. Small victories, folks. ūüėČ

I’ve got to admit though that despite all of this sunlight and springy weather, I’ve actually been falling back¬†on some of my not-that-bad-but-still-not-great¬†vices to¬†get me through the past few stressful weeks….

Exhibit A: Trashy Reality Television

Downloading¬†Legally purchasing multiple seasons of The Rachel Zoe Project during a period of high-stress is wickedly¬†dangerous¬†territory. This picture is an accurate portrayal of my life recently between the hours of 9pm and…ahem…¬†‚ąě¬†<—– infinity.

Exhibit B: Comforting Food

Scoff all you like but¬†for me¬†a piping hot mess of steel cut oats¬†is¬†comfort in a bowl. And during a stressful time I get weirdly fixated on eating the same thing at every meal. Instead of judging myself for this, I try to roll with my cravings and eat my oats at whatever time of day I darn well please….

I ate this as a snack somewhere between breakfast and lunch… Half bowl of oats + a mess of berries + pumpkin seeds with a poached egg and spinach on the side for protein and veggies.¬†Worked for me

I’ve also been enjoying more than my fair share of restaurant meals…¬†including this delicious brunch at The Junction Eatery.

Cornbread, blackened catfish, bacon, eggs & smokey baked beans. 

Chopped salad with chicken, fresh peas, cashews, avocado & apples

Not at all easy on the wallet but definitely low stress and comforting.

Exhibit C: (Discount) Shopping

I blame She Does The City for inviting me to this ridiculously adorable sale event at The Gap. I mean…25% their entire spring line?¬†So dangerous for a bargain hunter like myself.

Liquoring us up with free pinot? Downright lethal.

They were really hocking these coloured pants…even the DJ was wearing some (hidden under his macbook…hehe). I left with a pair of cropped black jeans that weren’t part of the sale but were already marked down 50%…. Pahaha. So¬†predictable.

Exhibit D: Old faithful…

What addictions/habits/crutches do you¬†fall back on when you’re feeling stressed?

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Healthy Hipster Q&A + A Long Weekend Roundup

Good morning everyone! And those of you living in Ontario¬†Happy Family Day! Is that the worst name for a civic holiday of all time? Possibly. But I have a long weekend in February so who’s complaining?

First up, some exciting news! The Healthy Hipster was featured by Toronto-based sassfactory & pilates instructor extraordinaire Brittany on her blog Fine Tune Pilates.¬†So if you want to hear¬†me rant about exercise trends, scrawny hipsters, the fine art of gym fashion & songs I can’t stop listening to….Read the interview here.

I haven’t spent much time at home over the long weekend so my eats have been extremely grab and go. Reheated steel cut oats, almond butter & jam sandwiches, crackers, baby carrots & fennel, heaps of hummus & about 3 bars of dark chocolate have been my main sources of sustenance. Since these don’t sound like pretty pictures to me,¬†I figured I would dedicate today to a photo journal of the things I officially deemed more important than elaborate meals this weekend.

Stuff I bought:

Tickets for two shows I am crazy excited for in March.

This almond milk cortado @ Capitol Espresso in Parkdale.

New jewellery. I saw this in a little vintage store and immediately exclaimed “IS THAT AN EAR CUFF!? ” Clearly it is now MY ear cuff.

Stuff I did:

Stopped into one of my favourite bars up on Bloor St. West¬†The Piston…Don’t let the all black paint job or the lack of sign fool ya, it’s a friendly little spot that also happens to host some great live music shows. Thursday was no exception as one of my absolute favourite Halifax import bands The Taste tore the place down with swoonworthy Harry Nilsson style pop jams.

The Piston. Source: BlogTO

I also popped into Nobody Writes to the Colonel¬†to wish a happy birthday to my good pal Graham Wright. I’d never been to this spot before but it’s warm, cozy atmosphere put everyone in a particularly adorable mood I think.

[Cute, fuzzy red pics courtesy of Spencer MacEachern]

Friday was a big ol’ Motown dance party called The Big Sound, featuring a local Toronto indie bands singin nothin but the hits. It. Was. Amazing. Don’t believe me? Watch this.

And you guessed it, I’m off again to enjoy this last day of long weekend freedom! Although I must say I’m looking forward to posting some new recipes this week as domestic self is feeling rather abandoned at the ¬†moment and the kitchen is calling my name!

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London-based, Nigerian-born designer Duro Olowu serves up a visual feast of West African, 70s inspired print. [TMagazine]

Fashion how-to: defrumping oversized sweaters.  [Refinery 29]

A visual history of Toronto’s yuppie-laden Liberty Village before all the loft conversions. [BlogTO]

Au Revoir Simone stole Miu Miu’s glasses…allegedly. Sweet melodies be damned, I always knew those girls were trouble. [NylonMag]

More reasons to love David Lynch. [Guardian]

Montreal electro-pop singer Grimes loves Mariah Carey & Tumblr. Displays passive aggressive disdain for Lykke Li. [Pitchfork]

Science still doesn’t understand female orgasms, but wants you to have more of them.¬†[Women’s Health]

Happy Saturday Procrastination Day!

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Healthy Living in an Urban Context

Good morning! How’s everyone managing with their¬†emotional hangovers after Valentine’s Day? A little too much intensity maybe? Some high highs? Some low lows? Hours of self-contemplative processing with friends or partners?

Well it’s a new day and you can take comfort in the fact that all your drama does not have to get sorted out right now. Sure, decisions will need to be made but that will happen naturally in time and all this social pressure won’t help things along.¬†So I suggest a February 15th emotional detox.

Read a magazine. Watch Downton Abbey. Return to that pile of abandoned knitting. Give that brain of yours the distractions it craves and your emotional well-being will thank you.

My contribution to your day of distraction? Go check out my guest post over at The Balance Project as part of the¬†Canadian Healthy Living Blogger Series. I was honoured to participate in this series although I was pretty intimidated by the task of single-handedly representing Toronto.¬†But I tried my best to write from my own experience while providing some helpful tips for cityfolks in general…I really hope you enjoy it!

Here’s a link to my post focusing on…

The Top 3 Obstacles to Healthy Living in An Urban Context (And How to Overcome Them!)

So far there have been posts from Saskatchewan, Northern Ontario & Yellowknife Рyou can check them all out here!


Allergy Kids

Hey folks,
I’m in transit today heading back from Texas to the frozen tundra that is Toronto in January. But since I don’t want to leave you in the lurch I’m sharing this clip from the new season of Portlandia.
Just a friendly reminder that the allergy kids you loved to hate in grade school grew up…and became the hipsters you love to hate today. ūüėČ

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Happy Hipsters: December Street Style.

A few weeks ago me and my terribly stylish pal Rob were spotted for a December Street Style feature in the Toronto-based art/fashion/design/culture rag CONTRA.

They caption the image “Happy Hipsters” which is a total contradiction if you ask me. I mean…we hipsters don’t display enthusiasm, right? That goofy grin on my face is probably just a reaction to the blaring winter sun. Or maybe – halfway through a discussion of the new Lars von Trier film – we both simultaneously scoffed at the idea that his new work could ever live up to the Danish Europa Trilogy. Come to think of it, I can be certain we weren’t smiling because since Bored to Death got cancelled on HBO & Louis CK isn’t funny-ha-ha¬†there is literally nothing in the world we’re allowed to laugh at.

Okay, okay so maybe I’m being a tad¬†facicous. ūüėČ

In all seriousness…Happy Hipster?¬†Pretty darn close!

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Making Friends in the Blogosphere

Hey all! Im on the road again, this time to the capital of the great white north…Ottawa! To be honest at this very moment I’m sitting at the foot of a river just outside of Ottawa making friends with dragonflies and getting ready for a swim.


But in the meantime check out my post over at: Moves n Munchies. The topic of the day is THRIFTING! My how to guide of do’s, donts and what trends you should look out for this season.

And for new readers here at the Healthy Hipster, welcome! I’d offer you something if I could – tofurkey sandwich? green smoothie? tallboy of pbr? Whatever strikes your fancy. Enjoy checking out the blog and I hope to see you back again soon!

Back to the river! Go enjoy your late summer Sunday!


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Gloriously Gluten-Free Goodies

The older I get the more I appreciate my¬†family of choice. You know the folks I mean? The friends who adopted you with open arms when you were all alone in a new city. The ones you have thanksgiving with when you’re too broke to afford a bus ride home. Who help you carry your obnoxiously large book collection when you decide to move in with your significant other…then help you move them out again 6 months later. Those friends.

So when one of the most incredible ladies in my own FOC has a birthday…a 65th birthday to be exact…I don’t just show up with a bottle of wine. I show up with a basket of goodies tailored specifically to her gluten-free, dairy-free, low sugar dietary needs.

And for a bit of a change up I’m going to do a little link love¬†since these recipes were taken more or less directly from other blogs I love!

Recipe 1: Elena’s Almond Flour filled Cupcakes

You can find the exact recipe in her cookbook which is available for purchase here (I just added apricots ¬†to the filling and swapped eggs for a mix of chia seeds and water to make them vegan) OR you can find a very similar cake recipe here which I’m sure would work very nicely in cupcake form.

Recipe 2: Mama Pea’s Tempeh Tamale Pie

This recipe was delicious¬†and a total crowd pleaser, but be forewarned that its a little more like cornbread and chili than a traditional tamale…Stay tuned for my adventures with masa flour later this week!

And here’s some more photos of the whole spread which included burgers (veggie, beef, bison and turkey) as well as a SERIOUS array of salads (its like they knew I was coming).


cutest heirloom tomatoes i ever did see

The only fail of the day was this butterball turkey burger.

Sorry me feign excitement for possibly the saddest looking patty of all time.

¬†I’d take¬†Sol¬†veggie burgers over THAT nonsense¬†any¬†day of the week, flexitarian or no.¬†

Back to the deliciousness…what birthday would be complete without made to order…CREME BRULEE!!!

the best part is the moment right before the sugar cracks

or maybe right after...

Look at that sassy redhead enjoying her birthday serenade! She looks absolutely  miserable;) 

What have you done for your FOC lately?