Why I Love Bodyweight Workouts

IMG_0690.PNGToday I wrote a guest post over at Pure Transformation on my absolute all time favourite way to stay fit – bodyweight workouts. I’m super proud of this post because I’m such an advocate for equipment-free exercise. It’s cheap, challenging and it’s what got me into fitness as an adult. I’m also proud because think I think the guys over at Pure Transformation are really inspiring. They are definitely healthy hipsters – they eat like normal people, go to shows, get outside and generally live full balanced lives…and they’re personal trainers. Their whole MO is designing workouts that are simple and accessible to help their clients lead healthier and more active lives. And they do it all outside the box (aka the gym).

Check out the full post here.

My go-to Bodyweight workout
Courtesy of Satch from Pure Transformation

40 Mountain Climbers
15 Regular Pushups
30 Bodyweight Squats
1 min Plank

100 Jump Rope
45sec Wall Squat
15 Tricep Dips
40 Single Leg Stretch

20 Jump Squats
20 (steps) Walking Lunge
15ea Side Plank Crunch

– Move quickly from one move to the next in each circuit, then take a 30-45sec break. Move onto the next circuit.

– Once all three circuits are done, rest 1.5 – 2mins and repeat for total of three sets.

– Cool down and stretch

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