What I Made Wednesday

There’s a trend in the blog world called “What I Ate Wednesday.” Basically it lets you peek into someone elses life (and onto their plate) for an entire day. It’s a little voyeuristic. And totally fun.

But I’m proposing something different here today. What I Made Wednesday. It isn’t about food (not this time at least). It’s a chance to showcase a DIY project, a piece of artwork, a craft you helped a munchkin make or even a shelf you managed to hang on your very own wall. In a world where everything comes to us so easily, I think it’s worth celebrating the things we do and make. Because these are things that require honest effort, and therefore they are things we can be proud of.

Here are some of mine from the past week:

1. Made my own fur throw using this basic method. Essentially purchase $14 worth of ugly faux fur fabric. Cut it into a wonky shape. Looks perfect. Sweep up fur scraps. Took me 10 minutes and my couch couldn’t be happier.


2. I needed some additional seating for my living room so decided to throw together a couple of cheap ottomons and a simple white throw pillow. I love that I can keep them together or take them apart if I have more guests around.


3. More paintings of course. Still working on my watercolour game but I tried to used as many vibrant shades as I could in honour of spring.



So…what did you make this week? (And as a challenge to fellow bloggers: how bout giving WIMW a try?)

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