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Don’t heal your gut, follow it…

There’s a lot of talk in the wellness world about “gut” health. People cutting out gluten, chowing down on probiotics & eating foods in specific orders with the goal of improving their digestion/life.

But if we dive a little deeper, what is our gut really? It’s the part of our body that helps us process. That separates good and healthy from bad and toxic…It filters out bullshit that doesn’t serve us.


Lately I’ve been making an effort to be more attentive to my gut…and not by cutting out dairy. I’ve been listening when it twists into knots. Am I anxious? Stressed? When it feels like its moving up from my belly into my throat. What am I feeling? Do I have emotions I need to identify or express? And especially when it feels like it’s sinking or dropping. Am I afraid? Is my fear rational?

This weekend I decided to follow my gut and found it brought me exactly what I needed…

Slow mornings.




Fresh air.


Fresh food


Long nights.


It might sound hippy dippy but I encourage you to listen to your own gut and to think about what it’s really got to tell you. What that gurgling is actually all about. Was it really that gluten-bomb you ate for dinner or is there something more? If you put down the kefir water and gave yourself some R&R time, saw a friend for tea, marathoned some Broad City or drank a glass of wine with dinner….

It might just do the trick.

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  • Reply raechel February 15, 2015 at 3:47 pm

    I absolutely love this. <3 yes yes yes. Your days and nights look lovely. I think so often if we are rigidly con finding ourselves to rules (often at the expense of socializing), we have so much time to obsess and notice any tiny little sense of bloating, or whatever. But if we're just living life, and really inside of moments, we don't notice those things. Thanks for the reminder. <3

    • Reply the healthy hipster February 15, 2015 at 3:57 pm

      Being present is a lifelong struggle for bookish, cerebral feminists like us. We gotta keep each other in check 🙂

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