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Healthy Living in an Urban Context

Good morning! How’s everyone managing with their emotional hangovers after Valentine’s Day? A little too much intensity maybe? Some high highs? Some low lows? Hours of self-contemplative processing with friends or partners?

Well it’s a new day and you can take comfort in the fact that all your drama does not have to get sorted out right now. Sure, decisions will need to be made but that will happen naturally in time and all this social pressure won’t help things along. So I suggest a February 15th emotional detox.

Read a magazine. Watch Downton Abbey. Return to that pile of abandoned knitting. Give that brain of yours the distractions it craves and your emotional well-being will thank you.

My contribution to your day of distraction? Go check out my guest post over at The Balance Project as part of the Canadian Healthy Living Blogger Series. I was honoured to participate in this series although I was pretty intimidated by the task of single-handedly representing Toronto. But I tried my best to write from my own experience while providing some helpful tips for cityfolks in general…I really hope you enjoy it!

Here’s a link to my post focusing on…

The Top 3 Obstacles to Healthy Living in An Urban Context (And How to Overcome Them!)

So far there have been posts from Saskatchewan, Northern Ontario & Yellowknife – you can check them all out here!

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