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January 2012

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EAT MORE FOOD: My Anti-Deprivation Resolution (Part 1)

First things first…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I hope you had a delightfully debaucherous New Years Eve. I know I did. Champers, drinking games & dancing. The best.

I also cleaned off the New Years Resolution board I made with my friends at last years NYE house party to make room for some the new. This years batch turned out to be just as filthy & ridiculous as 2011 (NO PICS. Jeez, kids might be reading… ūüėČ )

And on the topic of resolutions…¬†

“Gee, Brain, its 2012. What do you want to do this year?”

“The same thing we do every year, Pinky. Try and MAKEOVER the world.”

Okay, okay I’m a nerd. But I figured who better than Pinky & the Brain to introduce the topic of my first post of the year?

We are just two days into January and I’m already exhausted¬†by all these resolutions focused on detoxing, elimination diets, “clean” eating and pretty much anything and everything related to weight loss.

I mean I’m all for self-improvement but I strongly believe that¬†a “healthy living” plan that deals in the business of deprivation is doomed to fail.

According to most medical dictionaries the term “deprivation”¬†refers to the removal¬†of something that is normally present and usually essential for mental or physical well-being. THINK ABOUT THAT FOR A MINUTE. Low-Fat? Low-Carb? Those are (by definition) essential nutrients¬†that your body needs to function properly. It is a testament to how delusional our body & food obsessed culture is that¬†we are manipulated into believing that going without is something to strive for. That is some serious CRAZY right there.

What’s my plan, then, for escaping all this whackadoodle¬†deprivation rhetoric while still striving to make positive changes for my own body and health? Simple.


No seriously, that’s my resolution.¬†

From all the information I’ve gathered over the years, eating a diversity of foods is the best way to ensure that your body ¬†are getting all the nutrients it needs. So in an effort to encourage more diversity in my diet and avoid any “food ruts” I have compiled a list of the foods I want to EAT MORE of this year. My plan is to print off this list and use it as the foundation of my meal planning over the course of a month.

No subtraction. Addition all the way.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a full printable list of my 2012 EAT MORE foods…