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Flexitarianism & A Raw Picnic Lunch

You may have noticed that I don’t often write about my “food philosophy” here on the blogginz. And the reason for that is pretty simple – I kinda don’t have one. Every day the food I eat looks a little different, and I have a hard time subscribing to any one one way  of eating.

Sure I have goals when it comes to eating healthy (obvz!), local & unprocessed foods. And I have LOADS of preferences (my friends would say a ridiculous about of them 😉 ) when it comes to the food I choose to eat and purchase. But nutrition, taste and availability as well as animal ethics and environmental concerns all dictate these choices to varying degrees on different days.

I tend to follow the lead of my ever-changeable heart and stomach, and I embrace my own inconsistencies. This is what I call my flexitarianism.

Today’s picnic lunch was a perfect example: 

A fresh market salad from one of my favourite restaurants The Cruda Cafe. I love the flavour profiles & the vibrant colours of the food always let me know it is perfectly fresh. Incidentally, this cafe also happens to be raw vegan.

Look how gorgeous! A fresh spinach base with sprouts, tomatoes, avocado, shredded beets & carrots paired with some energizing black mission figs and cranberries and topped off with nutrient packed vegan protein sources like sunflower seeds and almonds. And did I mention the coconut oil & agave dressing? Holyveganyummm…


I decided to pair my salad – perfect and complete in and of itself – with some additional protein in the form of this majorly delicious, ridiculously fresh tuna sashimi. Truth be told after this morning’s interval run and weight training session the protein monster was raging and I was more than happy to oblige.

So there you have it. Lunch. Flexitarian Style. 

I must admit though that I’m looking forward to getting back in the kitchen tomorrow…Weekends have been dominated by meals out since my weekdays have been so busy with work lately…But I’ve got some seriously delicious recipes on the horizon so start gettin jazzed!

Have you ever heard of flexitarianism? What factors dictate your food choices?

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