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Why I Love the Y (Free YMCA Trial Membership!)

It is no secret that we are inundated with flippin’ loads of information about what “fitness” means and how to achieve it.  But in my opinion the main message behind so many of these articles, tv shows, movies, books and yes…even blogs…can be summarized in four words: YOUR BODY, YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

Think about it. Almost everything you ever watch or read about fitness asks: what are your goals? how will you achieve them? how can you change your life?

(+) I think this message can be empowering for certain people, encouraging them to take ownership over their own lives and make better choices.

(-) When we focus too much on our own individual progress we can start to feel isolated and even obsessive. We spend more and more money on personalized nutrition plans and one-on-one training to help us compete against ourselves. And in the end I think this can leave us feeling unsatisfied with our own accomplishments and success.

Which brings me to WHY I LOVE THE Y. 

Photo Credit: Jennifer Baron Date. Allegheny YMCA, Pittsburgh.

The YMCA manages to strike a balance between helping individuals and whole communties. They do a lot of work surrounding health and fitness but with an emphasis on group classes and shared, open spaces. They also recognize that health is defined broadly so they assist mothers with childcare, youth with leadership opportunities and unemployed workers with access to job information to name just a few of their projects.

Building community through health and wellness? THAT is what I call meaningful motivation. Which brings me to the BEST THING EVER….

Click here to print off your FREE two week membership to any YMCA facility in Ontario!
Offer valid until June 30.

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