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get strong on the cheap: part 3 (lower bod)

Okay so you’ve been workin hard and your arms & core are getting WAY STRONG but you’re looking for a little lower body action? Get ready. This workout is mainly plyometric meaning it uses bigger, more powerful movements to strengthen your muscles fast while adding a bit of extra cardio to your routine as well.

Modifications: Any moves that involve jumping can be difficult for beginners or those with knee injuries/strain. If you fall into either of these categories pleeease start by doing low-impact (jump-free) versions of these moves. Then I won’t have to worry, mmkay?

Reps: I usually attempt about 30 reps of each of these moves and try to run the circuit through 2-3 times. This set is shorter than the previous two but trust me you will definitely feel the burn. So take it easy. Ease your way in by starting out doing just the basic moves without any jumping and then gradually add intensity when you get a little more comfortable.

 1) Jump Squat

Start off in a proper squat position. This means your knees are directly over your heels and your booty is backed way the heck up. Then JUMP and land back in the SQUAT position.


Step forward into  lunge, keeping your knee at a 90 degree angle.  Step back into standing then step forward with your other leg. Continue for 30 reps. Once you are more comfortable add intensity by JUMPING directly from your right lunge into your left lunge.


Begin on the ground in what I like to think of as the Usain Bolt position.
Depending on where you’re at, either step or jump to bring the alternate leg forward. 30 reps.

hulk neck. you know you're grossed out intimidated.


And tune in later this week for the final installment of my first get strong on the cheap series…that will help you test your progress to see how much you’ve muscled up along the way!

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