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DIY Take-Away Lunch

Whether you’re working a 9 to 5, a 6 to 2 or a 4 to 12, that midday meal inevitably poses a challenge. In a city flooded with cheap delicious lunch options its hard not to cave in to the pressures of eating out. Jamaican patties, paad thai, falafel, roti, burgers, burritos and rice bowls are all delicious. No debate there. But 5-10 bucks a day sure adds up when its 5 days a week. Now I love all of these foods as much as the next Toronto gal, but as some recent articles in Star’s column “The Dish” have shown us, the nutritional value of this stuff ain’t pretty.

So – whats the best way to max out on lunchtime flavour without breaking the bank or compromising our healthy bods?  Make it yo daaammn self! 

Garam Masala Tempeh Burrito Wrap

  • Leftover Tempeh (or swap for any leftover protein – chicken, tofu, beans, etc.)
  • Leftover Sweet Potato (or swap for any starchy veg/rice/grain) 
  • 1 slice of cheese (or swap for avocado/nut butter) 
  • a few thin slices of veg (red onion/spinach greens/asparagus/zucchini) 
  • sprinkle with Masala or your favourite curry seasoning
Layer toppings into a whole wheat or brown rice wrap. Fold bottom up first, then sides. Set the wrap on a heated griddle or frying pan folded side down and allow to set. Flip after about 1 a minute. Roll up in tin foil and either eat as is or pop it in your lunch for later! Serve with salsa (bring separately in a tupperware if packing).

Masala burrito, carrots & celery, romaine salad with pepitas, soynuts, raisins and balsamic. Sliced apples with cinnamon for dessert!

Trust me , this lunch is filling, healthy and tasty enough to help you hold on to your lunch money!  Dig it! 

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