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Top 6 Winter Workout Tips: VLOG!

Hey folks,

The weather here in Toronto has been pretty bleak lately and yesterday was especially brutal. It was grey, windy and cold and I had NO motivation to leave the house, let alone squeeze in physical activity. But I made it happen using a few strategies I developed to keep myself motivated. Since I know I’m not alone in this predicament I thought it was time that I share my Top 6 ways to Beat the Winter Workout Slump.

Sorry the video is a bit dark but at least it gives you a good sense of what it is I’m talking about 😉

OH! And one more thing REALLY IMPORTANT THING I forgot to mention in this video…

When and if these tips don’t get your butt in gear:  Please, please with a cherry on top avoid  punishing yourself! Not mentally by feeling guilty or being overly critical of yourself/your body/your “will power”/etc. And DEFINITELY not physically by restricting yummy food or treats. This is irrational and unnecessary plus it will deplete you and make it that much harder to get going the next day.

Instead, enjoy your rest and engage in some form of self care. A nice long bath, a tea date with a friend, an hour with a good book, etc. This will help you recharge for a fresh new start tomorrow!

So…do you think these tips would work for you?
What do you do to stay active and keep on track with your fitness goals even in the yucky, dark, chilly winter months?

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Splurging at the Health Food Store (VLOG)

This afternoon I had some time off and decided to hit up one of my favourite Natural Food Stores. When I got home my wallet was significantly lighter and I felt a pang of guilt as I unloaded my bag of what I deemed to be totally unnecessary purchases. But then I checked myself! I mean sure, I could live without these item but sometimes springing the few extra bucks on foods that spice up your pantry will make eating nutritious whole foods at home just that little bit more exciting. And if you live in a city as foodie-friendly as mine, the temptation to go out to restaurants is pretty much omnipresent. So in the long run…maybe you’re actually saving money! Or am I rationalizing here?

Either way I decided to record this vlog to show you some of the foods that make even this bargain hunting, bulk bin diving lady crack open her piggy bank. Still not sure how I feel about the vlogging format (I apologize in advance for being a touch terribly long winded) but I figured it would be fun to mix things up. Hope you enjoy!

Mentioned in this post:
The Simply Bar
True Lemon
Chia Seeds
Food For Life Brown Rice Tortillas
Mary’s Crackers
Sun Warrior Blend Chocolate Protein Powder.

Now then…what do you love to SPLURGE on?