Some Sunday Staples.

Hey folks!

Considering how intermittent my cooking abilities have been lately I thought it would be the perfect time for another product roundup, a little like what I did back in this vlog (when my hair was long and crazy!). I’ve been relying on prepared and on-the-go foods more than usual lately and it’s given me the opportunity to try lots of new things, some of which I’ll definitely keep buying even after my kitchen is back in working order.

I’m not messing around today so let’s get right to it, going clockwise from the top…

1. Gypsy Cookies from Bunner’s Bakery. 

These bad boys are vegan, gluten-free & the perfect snack for getting past a midday slump. They have a brown rice flour and oat base but are chock full of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, coconut, cranberries, vegan chocolate chips & just enough cane sugar and molasses to sweeten them up perfectly. I’m obsessed and you should be too. If you live in Toronto they are available directly from Bunners (and can be shipped!) or at many cafes around the city including Te Aro, Crafted & Crema.

2. Simply Bars.

I’ve talked about these before on the blog but they continue to be my go-to protein/snack bar so they were worth a second mention. At about 2 bucks a pop they are definitely pricier than a granola bar but much more satisfying as a mid-morning or after work snack. I opt for the low sugar versions (about 3 grams a bar) like lemon coconut & cinnamon pecan.

3. Lakewood Pure Organic Lemon Juice. 

Just some lemon juice I’ve been adding to my water in the morning as a natural detoxifer & pick me up. Simple. Tasty.

4. Sprouted Grain Bread. 

For a while there I was in this headspace where bread was unofficially officially off limits. I still ate loads of grains just avoided them as processed flours and generally cut down on my gluten intake. In hindsight I think this had more to do with what I was hearing in the media and from friends than my own body’s needs. So while I’m glad to be a more conscientiousness consumer, nowadays I happily eat whole grain bread products on a regular basis. Seriously you guys bread is crazy convenient, not to mention delicious! When it comes to the loaves I buy at home, I opt for sprouted grain varieties because they incorporate a broader range of grains and legumes than your run of the mill grocery store brands and (because they been minimally processed) maintain more of the healthful benefits that whole grains have to offer. So enjoy your toast. Moving on…

5. Sun Warrior Blend Protein Powder.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Sun Warrior is the jam and their new blended varieties are perfect for protein powder newbies & skeptics. They are subtle in flavour (vanilla or chocolate), easy to digest and don’t contain any creepy sounding ingredients. I enjoy a half or whole scoop of sun warrior in a smoothie, mixed up with almond butter as a high protein spread for toast or stirred into a bowl of oatmeal. A Monday-Friday staple.

6. Soynut Butter.

Why soynut butter? It’s higher in protein and lower in fat than peanut butter, yes. It’s allergy-free, sure. But the real reason I got turned onto this stuff? It was on sale. But what a pleasant suprise! It’s really tasty and I’d definitely buy it again. Plus it’s a great option for little kid lunches in peanut-free schools.

7. Oats/Almond Milk/Yogurt (Aka. Overnight Oats in the Making). 

I’ve started to work really early mornings and this combo is a no fail, no brainer breakfast that I rely on more often than not. This week I bought 2% greek yogurt because the store was out of both soy and coconut varieties…Dairy and me aren’t close friends but now and then I still give it  a shot, for old time’s sake. I’m definitely enjoying the texture of real yogurt without all the starches, gums and fillers present in non-dairy varieties. Really delicious.

  Have you tried any of these products?

What staples have you been leaning on lately to get through these busy Springtime days? 

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