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Springing Forward & Falling Back…

Waking up this morning I was shocked to realize that I actually slept in to a reasonable hour…Or at least I thought I slept in until I realized it was daylight savings time. Whatever, I was still pleased with myself for waking up past 8…even if it was just a technicality. Small victories, folks. ūüėČ

I’ve got to admit though that despite all of this sunlight and springy weather, I’ve actually been falling back¬†on some of my not-that-bad-but-still-not-great¬†vices to¬†get me through the past few stressful weeks….

Exhibit A: Trashy Reality Television

Downloading¬†Legally purchasing multiple seasons of The Rachel Zoe Project during a period of high-stress is wickedly¬†dangerous¬†territory. This picture is an accurate portrayal of my life recently between the hours of 9pm and…ahem…¬†‚ąě¬†<—– infinity.

Exhibit B: Comforting Food

Scoff all you like but¬†for me¬†a piping hot mess of steel cut oats¬†is¬†comfort in a bowl. And during a stressful time I get weirdly fixated on eating the same thing at every meal. Instead of judging myself for this, I try to roll with my cravings and eat my oats at whatever time of day I darn well please….

I ate this as a snack somewhere between breakfast and lunch… Half bowl of oats + a mess of berries + pumpkin seeds with a poached egg and spinach on the side for protein and veggies.¬†Worked for me

I’ve also been enjoying more than my fair share of restaurant meals…¬†including this delicious brunch at The Junction Eatery.

Cornbread, blackened catfish, bacon, eggs & smokey baked beans. 

Chopped salad with chicken, fresh peas, cashews, avocado & apples

Not at all easy on the wallet but definitely low stress and comforting.

Exhibit C: (Discount) Shopping

I blame She Does The City for inviting me to this ridiculously adorable sale event at The Gap. I mean…25% their entire spring line?¬†So dangerous for a bargain hunter like myself.

Liquoring us up with free pinot? Downright lethal.

They were really hocking these coloured pants…even the DJ was wearing some (hidden under his macbook…hehe). I left with a pair of cropped black jeans that weren’t part of the sale but were already marked down 50%…. Pahaha. So¬†predictable.

Exhibit D: Old faithful…

What addictions/habits/crutches do you¬†fall back on when you’re feeling stressed?

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  • Reply Jessica Rae Fitzgerald March 11, 2012 at 12:39 pm

    There’s always a trend when you’re stressed out, for me I’ve spent 3 days this past week in my favorite pub, which of course included a pint of beer. And I tend to spend more money, as if i’m saying “Forget all of it! I’m going to go wild today, I deserve something nice!” i.e. Frozen yogurt and beer.

  • Reply aspiringsteph March 11, 2012 at 1:32 pm

    Looks like awesome ways to relieve stress to me! I’ve also been shopping clothes, watching movies, baking treats and etc as a “reward” to all my hard work of school in last few months. For now (spring break,) It’s MY TIME!! haha ūüôā

  • Reply meg March 12, 2012 at 11:35 am

    don’t forget the fried green tomato!!!

  • Reply raechel @the rebel grrl kitchen March 13, 2012 at 5:11 pm

    Oats are comfort food for me too! I think it stems from being a vegan in after-hours diners back in the days that I made weekly appearances there after a night of heavy drinking with friends. While my comrades would order a burger to sop up their spirits, I had two choices: fries or oatmeal. Having a tooth that believes sweet > salty, I’d always go for the oats (and back then, I’d top it with way too much brown sugar). Now I have a much healthier version of oats, but it’s still what I crave when I’m stressed (and, on the rare occasions that i’m drunk!). Also: online shopping. gah!

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