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Finding Stability: At-Home Yoga/Strength Fusion Workout

This was just one of those weeks for me where everything felt like it was in upheaval. I’ve been apartment hunting, job hunting (I love what I do but am searching for something more permanent and stable), spring cleaning and even re-evaluating friendships. My family members, though loving and endlessly supportive, are each facing their own set of transitions right now, which leaves me without that “home base” feeling that others rely on in times of change. In other words life, as of late, has lacked any semblance of stability.

Oh and then I cut off all my hair…. 

Ignore my pouty expression, I actually love it. 🙂

In times like these, developing my physical strength, flexibility and balance reminds me that these are qualities I inherently possess and I can trust that (with a little patience) my life will manifest them as well.

So today I am sharing a stability-promoting, at-home, equipment-free, totally empowering and energizing Yoga/Strength Circuit Workout. It takes around 20 minutes and is structured in a pyramid, “superset” format.

  • Pyramid because you work your muscles hardest in the middle but begin and end with lower impact yoga postures
  • Supersets because you complete two excersizes in the same muscle group back to back with no rest between.
  • Fusion because each superset is made up of one yoga-inspired move and 1 strength-inspired move

If you require instruction on any of the exercises I mention here are some useful links:

Basic Sun Salutation
PlankBicycle Crunches
Side Plank
Warrior 2
Donkey Kicks

Do you find comfort in physical activity when life leaves you reeling?
What are some of the most “empowering” yoga poses or strength training exercises you do? 

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  • Reply raechel @the rebel grrl kitchn February 24, 2012 at 6:24 pm

    crow pose is my hero. if i’m feeling totally off and i do a yoga class and hold that crow pose, i’m like “i’m balancing my body on my hands and arms. who does that? i can take on the fucking world!” birds of paradise occasionally makes me feel like this too. i’m sure folks who have mastered head stands would laugh at my love of the seemingly simple crow pose, but i wasn’t always able to do it and now i can! yeah!

  • Reply Beth (i run like a girl) February 24, 2012 at 6:43 pm

    Excellent timing – I just went to a hard-but-rewarding yoga class last night (first time I went to class in 2 months). My favorites are the balancing poses, because they work my ankles in ways that running doesn’t. (PS – try tree pose with eyes closed!)

  • Reply jenna February 25, 2012 at 8:56 pm

    I love the haircut!! So bold 🙂

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