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London-based, Nigerian-born designer Duro Olowu serves up a visual feast of West African, 70s inspired print. [TMagazine]

Fashion how-to: defrumping oversized sweaters.  [Refinery 29]

A visual history of Toronto’s yuppie-laden Liberty Village before all the loft conversions. [BlogTO]

Au Revoir Simone stole Miu Miu’s glasses…allegedly. Sweet melodies be damned, I always knew those girls were trouble. [NylonMag]

More reasons to love David Lynch. [Guardian]

Montreal electro-pop singer Grimes loves Mariah Carey & Tumblr. Displays passive aggressive disdain for Lykke Li. [Pitchfork]

Science still doesn’t understand female orgasms, but wants you to have more of them. [Women’s Health]

Happy Saturday Procrastination Day!

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