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Get to Know a Healthy Hipster: Joy

This post is a part of my new “Get to Know a Healthy Hipster” Profile Series. To read more about this series check out this post.

Name: Joy
Occupation: Holistic Nutritionist
Location: Toronto

How would you describe your style of eating ?

I’m a Flexitarian! That being said, a large portion of what I eat (at least 80%) is plant-based — I love my kale, avocados, quinoa and almond milk lattes! But I certainly enjoy a piece of wild salmon or certified organic steak once in a while.

What are some of the must haves in your fridge/pantry?

Pantry foods I always keep stocked are quinoa, dark organic chocolate, extra-virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil, chia seeds, brown rice, dried beans, raw cacao (LOVE my chocolate, notice it’s in here twice), Sunwarrior (fave vegan protein powder), various kinds of pasta including brown rice, spelt and kamut. Foods I stock in my fridge and buy often include leafy greens (kale/arugula/spinach), lemons, various kinds of nuts & seeds (yes they should be stored in the fridge!), apples, organic eggs, sweet potatoes, garlic, greek yogurt, goat or sheep milk cheese, frozen berries… I could go on and on. I eat a wide variety of foods depending on the time of year.

Joy's Delicious Detox Salad with Dijon Maple Dressing

Favourite local bar/venue/party to blow off steam?

I love the city of Toronto so much, it’s so hard to choose. But I absolutely love eating out with my friends. My faves are Pizza Libretto, Origin Restaurant, Comrade (for drinks) and if I really wanna blow off steam you will find me somewhere in the West end of Toronto listening to live music dancing my buns off!

Best place to caffeinate/hydrate?

I LOVE independent cafes. My top 3 that I visit every single week are Mylk Uncookies, Merchants of a Green Coffee and Te Aro – yes, I’m an East ender. I don’t drink coffee, but I love a good almond milk latte.

Mylk Uncookies in Toronto's east end is one of my favourites too! Make sure to try their homemade raw desserts and fresh almond mylk!

Photo Source: BlogTO

Style icon?

Zoey Deschanel. If I could raid her closet, I would be in heaven. I love wearing dresses and skirts – Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall. I love pretty things, vintage pieces and then spending good cash on a piece that’s going to last me for years, like a fabulous coat. But to be honest, I spend most of my money on good food.

Zooey Deschanel: The Vegan, Vintage Frock Wearing Vixen Hipster Chicks Hate + Love in Equal Measure

Photo Source: The Clothing Menu

Favourite ways to get active?

Shopping around a farmers market – yes this is exercise when you are carrying 4 grocery bags! Lifting weights, yoga, walking, running and of course, having sex.

Who were you in high school?

I was torn between wanting to spend all my days in art class (I skipped many classes to hang out in the art studio) and hanging out with “90210” crowd as we called them back then! But to be honest, I always felt out of place. Back then, I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin. It wasn’t until my mid 20’s (yes, I’m 34) that I felt totally joyous in my own skin.
FYI I gasped aloud when I read that last part! Srsly whatever Joy puts in her naturally sourced BPA-free lemon water, I want some!

You’re on death row, whats your last supper?

At least 3 glasses of Pinot noir, arugula salad with some pecorino cheese, proscuitto pizza from Libretto of course and tiramisu — and this dinner must be had with my sweet man!

If you live in the Toronto area make sure to check out some of Joy’s fun and inspiring workshops! I wrote about my own experience at one of her seminars here.

Winter Eat Well Feel Well 6-wk nutrition + yoga class
Superfoods for Natural Beauty: Feb 11
Gluten-free Deliciously: Mar 10

Are you a Healthy Hipster? Or do you know someone who is?
Send your story to and I might just feature you in a future post!

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