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Happy Hipsters: December Street Style.

A few weeks ago me and my terribly stylish pal Rob were spotted for a December Street Style feature in the Toronto-based art/fashion/design/culture rag CONTRA.

They caption the image “Happy Hipsters” which is a total contradiction if you ask me. I mean…we hipsters don’t display enthusiasm, right? That goofy grin on my face is probably just a reaction to the blaring winter sun. Or maybe – halfway through a discussion of the new Lars von Trier film – we both simultaneously scoffed at the idea that his new work could ever live up to the Danish Europa Trilogy. Come to think of it, I can be certain we weren’t smiling because since Bored to Death got cancelled on HBO & Louis CK isn’t funny-ha-ha there is literally nothing in the world we’re allowed to laugh at.

Okay, okay so maybe I’m being a tad facicous. 😉

In all seriousness…Happy HipsterPretty darn close!

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