Healthy Hipster Holiday Gift Guide

Can you believe it’s December already? It seems like just yesterday I was lounging around in Trinity Bellwoods Park soaking up vitamin D while drinking illicit homemade sangria out of a coffee thermos perfectly legal non-alcoholic beverages. Oh well, seasons change and with these changes come a whole new set of challenges, opportunities and things to be grateful for.

First on the docket: THE HOLIDAYS!

I’m sure that as December rolls on I am going to get seriously sappy about the Holidays, which for me incorporates Christmas, Hannukah & New Years Eve. I mean my family is insanely cute-dorable and my friends (aka. my friend-family) are the most emotionally available, insightful & irreverantly hilarious people one could ever hope to meet. So yes, things will get mushy once I start to spend more time with the whole gang. BUT in the meantime I am focusing on the more trivial, but still terribly fun, part of the season…the presents.

So, without further ado, I bring you…

The Healthy Hipster Holiday Wish List…

(Or: What to Buy for the Self-Proclaimed Cool Kid Who Claims to Want Nothing)

Holiday Wish List

Yoga Socks
$15 –
A fun yoga accessory that prevents slippin around on your downward dog, even during the sweatiest hot yoga class

Melamine Kitchen Bowls | Crate&Barrel
60 CAD –

Kai Noodle/Soup Bowl | Crate&Barrel
7.95 CAD –
Cute and quirky bowls never disappoint. 

Moleskine Recipe Journal
$14 –
Jot down all your favourite recipe creations in style with this moleskin journal. 

A great intro to flexitarian cooking.

A staple in my kitchen.

Jackie Warner Training DVD
$14 –
When winter hits and you can’t bring yourself to get to the gym, Jackie Warner is definitely the least offensive of all the at-home workout videos I’ve tried. This one is my favourite because it mixes strength training and plyometric cardio, plus if you’ve ever seen her show Work Out you know she has sexual tension with all her female trainers…so it makes watching the video pretty entertaining.

Indie Coffee Passport Toronto
They must have these in other cities also but I can only speak for the Toronto version. $30 for 1 fancy coffee in virtually every independent coffee place in the city. A great deal and a great way to encourage yourself to branch out from your standard shop.

Classic Grey Sweats
Old School Gym Wear. No fail. 


A whole foods take on the classic cane. These are delicious

Bougy trail mixes that incorporate dark chocolate and antioxidant rich dried berries…Yup. 

Pendleton Glacier Mug
Everything pendleton is amazing. This mug also happens to be affordable and adorable. 

Pantone Toothbrush
Healthy Hipsters need healthy gums too! Can someone say stocking stuffer! 

Mason Jars
When in doubt, buy cute mason jars and fill them with homemade soup and add a cute label or just fill with pistachios, pretzels, almonds, dark chocolate, peanuts, etc. Tie with a bow. Obviously the jars are reusable so its the gift that just keeps giving!
Hope you enjoy these tips!
What would you add to the list?
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  • Reply Cassandra December 2, 2011 at 11:29 am

    Forwarding to everyone who might buy me a present immediately. 😉

  • Reply vegansunshine December 3, 2011 at 9:13 am

    Awesome tips! & I love the list! I need to work on a list too! 😉 When people ask me what I want I can never think of anything.


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