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Striking a Balance this November

I hope everyone has enjoyed their extra hour this morning. Maybe you spent it doing something ultra luxurious like sleeping in, cuddling, drinking an extra cup of coffee, watching Coronation Street (doesn’t everyone do that on Sunday mornings?), whatever makes you happiest.

As for me I was up at 5:30am to hop a flight east to Prince Edward Island. As you might have seen in earlier posts I am terribly enamored with this tiny province on Canada’s east coast and I often spend time there hiking, reading, cooking and swimming in the ocean during the summer months. This visit will be a little bit different. I will be spending the whole week helping my grandparents pack their belongings for a big trans-canada move.

the view from the sky over montreal

And since nothing makes me more self-reflective than air travel I thought i’d share with you my simple life goal for the month of November.


I know it sounds super Oprah-fied and self-help junky but when I talk about finding balance I just mean keeping my life as varied as possible. Think: Not putting all your eggs in one basket. Creating balance = weaving lots of other baskets. (Fun with metaphors!)

Of course this is easier said than done for me as I am a very type A personality and when I get excited about something I tend to go FULL FORCE with it until I completely burn out.

I have done this before with loads of things in my life including (but not limited to):

  • School: While writing my Masters Thesis I would have to force myself to go outside, even just for a walk or fresh air
  • Relationships: More specifically, new relationships. BEST BIGGEST LIFE DISTRACTION EVER.
  • Friendships: “OMG isn’t ________ being such a _________ ?” Lets talk about it forever.
  • Work: “No seriously guys, if I don’t spend all night prepping for this class I have to teach, the world will fall to pieces and my students will die. I’m basically 100% sure.”
  • Fashion: “Don’t believe anything my already caving-in wardrobe says, I swear I really do need this sackdress/pair of leggings/pair of wedge heels.”
  • Fitness: Exercise > Life.
  • Food: Eating Organic/Local/Whole-Grain/Healthy Food > Not sounding like a total wang all the time.

What I have discovered is that when I am able to spread my attention and energy evenly between all of the different things and people I care about, it is easier to cope when something falls out of line. End result: I stay sane and happy.

So….Here’s to a happy, balanced and RUT-FREE November!

How do you plan on finding balance this month?

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  • Reply blondiebakesandbikes November 6, 2011 at 4:05 pm

    HAHHAHA omg agree with all of these especially the friendships, fashion, fitness and food ones. I will strive to find balance with you and make sure exercise and online shopping does not precede life/school!!

  • Reply livinglearningeatingg November 9, 2011 at 10:33 am

    Good luck! Exercise and healthy eating shouldn’t be life focuses – the whole point of achieving good health is to live a long, pleasant life…but if that life is filled with stress about living a long, pleasant life, then what’s the point?! Then it’s better to live a shorter, but happier, one. 🙂

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