Workin it, Y Stylez.

Well we’re right in the thick of it folks. August. Or as I recently heard it referred to, the Sunday of Summer. And since I am still rockin the brief interlude between work and yet more work, that means lots of long and lazy days in the park, cool breezy weather and a little extra time to get active and try new things!
(dufferin grove park = the cuteness)
While for many this might mean trying new activities, I do that stuff all the time. For this gal the biggest news is that I actually joined a real, live gym. Well sorta…its more of a community centre with workout equipment aka. the YMCA! (for more on that check out my post on why I love the Y).

Since I am just beginning this process I thought I would share some of my personal goals from day 1 so you can follow along as I try my best to achieve them.


  1. build muscle, especially in upper body and legs
  2. strengthen my heart (its a muscle too!) for general health and increased athletic endurance
  3. increase flexibility

After checking out what the Y had to offer in terms of equipment and meeting with one of their personal trainers I came up with the following workout plan, which I like to call THE TRIFECTA.

5 days a week I will try to do 1, 2 or if im feeling crazylike 3 of the following:

1) 30 minute Full Body Weights Workout + Core (on the mat, in between sets)

2) 20 minute HIIT Training (on the treadmill, elliptical or my fave – the pavement)

3) 1 hr Yoga


2 days a week of active rest

I try to give myself plenty of rest days since I already have a pretty active lifestyle. Rest days can include recreational sports, walking, grocery carrying and general schlepping around the city but nothing organized.

Obvz this plan is totally flexible and leaves me lots of room to mix it up…stay tuned for an in-depth look at each of the components of THE TRIFECTA.


How are you enjoying the last days of summer?

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