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For me this week is all about kicking back. You see, I’ve just finished an intensive year of professional school and while it was perhaps the most gratifying experience of my life it was also the most exhausting. Something about that combination of doing what I love (teaching) & working on >5 hours sleep just took it out of me. Shocking, right? ūüėČ

Museums are certainly one of my¬†favourite¬†ways to unwind after a period of stress. And I think its because they feel so refreshingly¬†orderly. You can take your time walking from room to room, exhibit to exhibit, but in the end you trust that the whole process is progressing. You¬†know where it is you’re going. And that’s an experience I’ve come to value highly, as it is exceptionally rare.

Today’s Museum of Choice:

The Gardiner

Who just yawned? Seriously people, keep an open mind. A ceramics museum doesn’t have to be a bore. Here are a few shots of my favourite pieces, including Odyssean Dreams – a massive installation from the Betty Woodman exhibit.

Oh yes…I also grabbed a little post-gallery snack at the¬†Rawlicious¬†location in Yorkville. Food I didn’t have to make = very relaxing indeed. This was just the appetizer…my avocado & tomato sandwich on raw onion flax bread was equal parts delicious and unphotogenic.

marinated vegetable salad rolls with thai dipping sauce

How did you unwind today?

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