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Welcome to Part 2 of get strong on the cheap! As promised, today’s focus is on core strength and flexibility.

Whether you’re playing a game of softball, lugging around your laptop or moving a particularly large stack of student papers from your office to the classroom, your body works hard for you. And building a strong and flexible core helps reduce the risk of injury in everything that you do by supporting your spine and keeping everything where it should be, no matter what kind of antics you get up to.

This circuit workout is great for stretching out and working all of your core musclez: upper abs, lower abs and obliques. Complete each move for about a minute and cycle through 2-3 times for a 10-15 minute core killaahhhh. Once you get a lil stronger, you can start to combine COMBINE this circuit with PART 1 of GSOTC. OMG. Exciting. 😉

1) Jumping jacks.

These are  great form of cardio, but they also help warm up and stretch out all the muclez in yer mid-section.

Try your best to get those hands to touch in the centre!


Remember that game you played in grade school? Light as a feather, stiff as a board? Well think about that while you hold this position for 1 minute straight! Brooootal.

(If you have never done this one before, hold for 30 seconds and take short break before holding again for 30 seconds.)

3) Oblique Twists

Hey weights…thought I forgot about you? Not so much. Sit on the ground leaning back at about a 45 degree angle and holding 1 or both weights twist back and forth for 1 minute.

4) Side Plank Raises:
Begin with your hip on the ground then lift  into side plank. Hold for 5 seconds. Then drop your hip to back to the ground. Repeat for 1 minute then complete the same set on the other side.
That’s it, that’s all! Feel free to comment & lemme know how yer liking da movez!
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