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May 24 BBQ Roundup.


May 24 weekend here in Canada only means one thing to me: barbecue season begins! And I. Love. Barbecues. Of course I’m referring here to the whole social event it: folks getting together for the sole purpose of enjoying the outdoors, cooking together and drinking delicious beverages. Best idea evrrrr. PLUS…the food. OMG the food.

multitasking on the grill. soy burgers, beef burgers, melty swiss cheese, pork sausages & a gigantic basket of grilled vegetable insanity

So I thought it was only appropriate to put together a few of my favourite tips for getting into the spirit of bbq season, healthy hipster stylez.

1) Move your bod before supper. One of the great benefits of grilling food is that its super fast! So that gives you and your pals some freedom to enjoy those sunny pre-dinner hours without worrying about meal prep. So whether its taking a walk around the neighborhood or organizing an game of basketball/football/frisbee/etc., I highly suggest finding some way to get outside and your bod movin and workin up an appetite for the epic deliciousness that awaits.

my besties serve it up before they dish it out.

2) BYOV (Bring your own veg). The nice thing about food at a barbeque is that its so predictable. You know for a fact that there will be lots of chips, nachos, meat and bread. So be the one to bring something lacking from that menu plan! Keep it simple. Just find something fresh and in season (asparagus, anyone?) that looks beautiful grilled or just cut up on a plate. You can still dig into all of the standard barbecue deliciousness, in fact you must, but by bringing your own veg you’re also guaranteeing that your meal will have some balance. Check out this post for a recipe that will add a healthy dose of green to your standard bbq fare!

3) And lastly, Drink local. Obvz you’re gonna be drinking. Its May 24 and you have a pulse. There ain’t nothin wrong with that. But why not use this opportunity to try something new and support your local microbreweries? Many of these beers are also organic and much more conscientious about the preservatives and additives in their product. The cost may be higher, but that will encourage you to take your time and enjoy each drink. Make it a treat. 😉

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