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Hurry up and Weight.

Its pouring rain outside. And I couldn’t be less motivated to leave the house let alone engage in any kind of outdoor physical activity. So I figured it was a good day to start chatting about my favourite ways to get in a workout without having to spend any money, go anywhere or put on socially acceptable workout attire. Ahh. Doesn’t that sound delightful? Today’s topic: WEIGHTS!

Here are just a few reasons why I’m a big fan of weight training for both ladiez and gentlemen:

  • Dumbbells are wicked cheap. I bought this one was from Canadian Tire and it cost me 5.99 ($12 for two).
  • Building muscle is super satisfying. It helps you do more stuff. Home stuff. Stuff at work. Fun stuff. Being more physically capable helps with all aspects of your life and it rules. Swearsies.
  • Muscle ramps up your metabolism. Which means you burn through more energy in a day. Which means more delicious food. Never a bad thing.
  • Overall health. Building muscle helps prevent injuries, reduces risk of osteoporosis, improves sleep & boosts your immune system. WOOT!

Nail Polish: DIOR. Dumbbell: CANADIAN TIRE.

Pick up some hand weights of your own and check back soon!

I’ll be posting some of my favourite ways to use weights to work on your upper body, core & lower body MUSCLEZ!

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  • Reply VeggieGirl May 18, 2011 at 3:18 pm

    I love using weights, I learnt how to incorporate them into pretty much every move while working out from doing Jillians 30 Day Shred – I do lunges/squats etc while using 5 pound weights and I can actually do push ups now – when I started just holding myself up was an accomplishment!

    • Reply the healthy hipster May 18, 2011 at 11:37 pm

      I really love 30 day shred for just that reason! Jillian Michaels is great for promoting strength training rather than the endless hours of cardio women usually opt for.

      Another at favourite workout of mine is Jackie Warner’s One on One personal training. Its also broken down into 20 min segments but separated by muscle groups (upper/lower/core). Each is a nice challenge – especially legs – and her approach is very motivating. (iie. she doesnt tell me im going to DIE before I start a circuit).

      Just something to look into while you’re gettin BUFF! 😉

  • Reply Cait May 19, 2011 at 2:10 pm

    That photo is so you! “Nail polish: DIOR; Dumbbell: CANADIAN TIRE.”

    LOVE IT.

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