Tackling Timmy’s

If you live and breathe on Canadian soil,  Tim Horton’s is simply inevitable. Lame co-worker outing? Road trip? Meeting with a friend who refuses to drink “fancy” coffee? No matter how much you resist, that’s where you’re gonna end up.

And while Tim’s may be synonymous with that notorious doublecream/doublesugar coffee, they are all over breakfast and lunch lately!

Let’s be clear: Timmy’s definitely does not fit the hipster bill (srsly? no fair trade coffee? its like Seattle never happened!). And despite their “healthy options” it really doesn’t fit the healthy bill either (sup, sodium. where u at veggies?) But I’ve decided to lay out a few of my tips for making the best choices possible at this tride and true Canadian franchise.



Oatmeal: No question about this one. But skip all the sugary toppings and ask for a side of peanut butter instead (they use it for their bagels). The whole grains and healthy fats will fill you up for hours without the sugar crash and give you a nice 10 grams of protein to boot!


Omnivores: BBQ chicken snack wrap w/soup (any veg-heavy soup – not the creamy ones):

Veggies: Whole wheat veggie sandwich w/lite cream cheese  + hearty veggie soup if its on!

Vegans: 12 grain bagel with peanut butter +  hearty veggie soup

Sweet Treats

Omnivores & Veggies: If you’re gonna indulge at Tim Hortons, do it right. Get nostalgic. Coffee and timbits! Yeasted varieties like the apple fritter, honey dip, dutchie and chocolate glazed timbits are the lowest in saturated fat, and two will only run you about 100-120 calories.

Vegans: Oatcakes with jam and tea!

Hope you’re enjoying all the grey drizzle we’re getting this week! I highly suggest making a blanket fort to pass the time.

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